Hi! I’m Rachel and this is my very first Blog post!

I am super excited so today I would like to talk about something that is important to me.

At my school we have some unsaid ratings. These could be more complicated but what I think represents this best is a comparison that one of my best friends and I made up when we first started to realize where our place was in these ratings.

The 5 ice cream cone popularity ratings at my school:

Before we start please envision a double scoop ice cream cone. We will start with the cone itself then go to the toppings!

The top scoop:Mean “popular” kids. Yes, we’re starting with the mean kids.First I should tell you what the mean kids are like. Our school is all for no bullying, and even the mean kids follow that well. The mean kids there are usually: Sassy girls,or annoying and rude boys. (the first is more common in my opinion) The one thing with these kids. The only reason they’re somewhat popular is because they’re not afraid to be mean.

The bottom scoop: Just popular kids. How are they popular? They are friends of mean kids but not necessarily the meanies. They are rarer than the mean kids, and can actually be really nice.

The cone: This is where a lot of my friends come in. The Nice unpopular kids. They are taken advantage of by the top scoop and forced to hold up about half the grade. All because they’re nice. ( side note: any kids reading this who fall into this category, I would like to tell you that being nice has its benefits too. So don’t stop being nice just to bump up your social status.)

The cherry on top: This is me and my closest friends. The nerdy kids who to populars belong in the cone but who’s academic prowess has earned them a sliver of popularity. They are still usually nice and still taken advantage of though.

The chocolate sauce: The new kids. Whether you’re a nice kid wanting to show them around, or a mean kid trying to get them on your side. Everyone wants to be friends with the new kids. Hence how the sauce drips everywhere.

So now you know our schools rankings. As I said earlier, I am a cherry on top. I am only a 5th grader but I know that the unpopular part of that will be my status at least until I go to college. But nonetheless I still have some very close friends.